Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm going to try to recreate some of the elements of Annie Leibovitz's photo of Nicole Kidman.  What I think I'll try is to have the same setting of a theater and take a picture of some one from a similar angel.  Also, i will try to recreate the best I can the lighting, so that my subject will have a similar texture and that glowing silhouette look.  I don't think the stage I am using is deep enough to get a shot as wide as the one of Kidman, but maybe if I shoot from an angle I can still get that look of having the different levels of the stage and theater by getting at least one of the stage wings in the shot.  
I'm not sure exactly what to expect because I will have to work around what is already set up in the theater for the upcoming show, but hopefully I will be able to get at a similar idea as Leibovitz's photo and show a similar theme of an actress in her element on stage and in the limelight.

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